Drews Optical is proud of its reputation for excellence in product quality, customer service and on-time delivery. Since 1976, Drews Optical has remained specialized in the manufacturing process of high quality, custom precision flat optics and custom commercial flat optics. Our large-sized continuous polishers allow us to polish flat optics up to 24-inches in diameter. Product capabilities include windows, mirrors, wedges, beamsplitters, and test plates. The manufacturing process at Drews Optical adheres to tight tolerances, regularly exceeding stringent industry specifications and standards. Drews Opticalís products, whether prototype or volume production, undergo 100% inspection to assure a product that meets or exceeds customer specifications.

Drews Optical has a diverse customer base including government, public, and private sectors. Products manufactured by Drews Optical have been used for many applications including medical and analytical instrumentation, telecommunications, biomedical and laser. Customers include the United States Government, the United States Military, universities, aerospace, biomedical, printing and telecommunications industries to name a few. All products manufactured by Drews Optical are manufactured at our facilities in Orange County, California.

At Drews Optical, our mission is to consistently provide a quality product that is precisely manufactured to meet or exceed customer requirements while being delivered on time at a competitive price.

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